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Birthdate:Dec 24, 1982
Location:Florida, United States of America
Website:zombiecop @ livejournal
O shi--! I have ~visitors~.

Hi! I'm Lisa and I'm 26 years into this thang (life).
In this journal (or rather, my LJ) I try to joke around as much as possible. I'm crass and a homo and I abuse CAPSLOCK, but hey. I'm pretty laid back.

I enjoy traveling, bowling, graphic design, playing vidya games and a good laugh. I like slash. I'm a vegetarian who eats jalapenos on practically everything. This is important for you to know, person on the internet.

I'm a criminology honors student at FSU, but am debating transferring to a tech school to become a mechanic. Hey, I'm old and I'm bored. One of my dreams is to restore a 1970 Chevelle SS LS6. When I tell people this they LAUGH. Seriously though. You guys, seriously.

Friendzing~! if we have stuff in common, feel free to add me (here or on LJ)!

Support LGBT Equal Rights

Pretty obvious that I'm a classy dame.

Interests (150):

"intellectual finger food", CAPSLOCK, 80s music, agnosticism, anti-vivisection, backrubs, beavis and butthead, being really ridiculously good-looking, big wooden indian pizza, bingo, bisexuality, blasty rifles, boosting the jag, bowling, broken lizard, bros before hoes, cats, charolastras, cj/woozie, classic rock, comedy, cotton candy, cross country wienering, dean/sam, dinosaurs, doctor who, dollhouse, doug's parking lot, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, earl/val, edutainment, edward/jasper, enmity, exploring, family guy, fast cars, faster women, final fantasy, finder no hyouteki, fingerless gloves, firefly, gaara of the funk, gaming, gays gaying it up, gettin' shit poppin', gettin' tractor air, gimpin' it, graboids, graffiti, grand theft auto, hair dye, harper's island, harry potter, haters to the left, himym, horror movies, hotels, hoyay, jack/ianto, jay and silent bob, jayne/simon, la femme nikita, laughing, mal/simon, manly tears, metallicar, mexico chiquito, miami vice, miniature golf, movies, mst3k, mulder/krycek, muscle cars, my raging penis envy, nathan fillion, neopets, netflix, never having surgery again, nuts 2 butts, old west cock fest, owen/tosh, pizza, pizza ad infinitum, planet booger, pro-choice, pump it up, queer and pleasant danger, ray's raven food, reading, reno 911!, rental cars, resident evil, road trips, roman bellic/titties, sarcasm, sasunaru, satire, seifer/squall, serenity, shim sham wood shit, shit-eating grins, shootimshootimshootim, shpadoinkle, silent hill 1, silent hill 2, sketchbooks, slash, snarry, sno cones, south park, special hell, spock/kirk, star trek tos, stephen king, storms, subtext, super troopers, supernatural, suspenders, swimming, switek/zito, tattoos, ten/rose, terminator, the 80s textile palette, the colbert report, the great mother's crop, the griswold family christmas, the international inn suckfest, the office, the paranormal, the pms express, the sims, the x-files, thomas harris, thrash crab, titties, torchwood, travel, tubbs/crockett, unmotivated butt-in-the-moonbeam walks, unrelated gratuitous dick, vegetarianism, victor/sierra, video games, washing windshields, wincest, yaoi, youtubery, zombies
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